Welcome to South Gate Middle School............ Goooo Vikings!    School Vision:   We are an educational community that provides every student with a comprehensive standards-based curriculum that fosters maximum achievement through improved literacy and encourages all stakeholders to develop skills and habits for life-long-learning and wellness.    School Mission:    South Gate Middle School provides every student a high quality education in a safe community anchored environment that promotes in the student body a strong sense of individual responsibility and achievement.

Yearbooks are here and going fast…

Yearbooks are here and going fast… Yearbooks are available at the student store and during culmination on Thursday, June 5, so act now. Don’t be the only one without a copy of the SGMS memories!
Washington D.C. Trip!

Washington D.C. Trip! Don’t miss this once –in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit Washington , D.C.! On our trip you will explore places you’ve only read about in textbooks …why not experience government in action- while creating lifelong memories? This life-changing trip promises to be the perfect mix of adventure, learning, and fun.
Register before June 5, 2014 and take advantage of the trip discount.
Some Financial Assistance is Available through the Flag Program
Trip Date: June 10, 2015
For trip information contact Ms. A. Gomez in the Magnet Office Rm. 105
6th Grade Magnet Visits the Getty Villa

6th Grade Magnet Visits the Getty Villa Students in the 6th grade magnet classes visited the Getty Villa as a culminating activity to the study of ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. There they analyzed monumental sculptures as well as artifacts of everyday life during those times. They strolled through the herb garden designed based on the original garden at the Villa dei Papiri in Herculaneum. This visit encouraged a deeper understanding of the ancient world for our 6th graders.
6th Grade Magnet students visited the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena

6th Grade Magnet students visited the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena 6th grade magnet students visited the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena where they explored the world-renowned collection of art from South and Southeast Asia. The collection is particularly rich in art from the Indian subcontinent, including monumental stone sculpture from the Kushana and Gupta periods, and a remarkable group of Chola bronzes from southern India. They also viewed a selection of the museum's Rajput paintings and a thangka, measuring over 20 feet in height, depicting the Buddha of the Future, Maitreya, which has only been displayed twice at the museum. The fieldtrip was a great way to culminate their classroom learning of the ancient world.

For more information on the museum, pleas visit their website:
Summer Classes for Kids at East Los Angeles College (ELAC)

Summer Classes for Kids at East Los Angeles College (ELAC) Saturday Summer school opportunities at ELAC. Please see flyer.
Los Angeles County Science Fair News!
We are excited and proud to announce that one of the Magnet students, Miguel C. received the 2nd Place Medal for his science project investigation-(Behavioral Science-Non-Human Category) and will be moving on to STATE FINALS! Congratulations!
In addition, Luis H. and Jesse L. received the Honorable Mention Medal for their science project investigation & Carolina S., Marco H. Dianna S., Alondra H. Miguel G. and Roberto P. received Recognition Awards for their science project investigation.
Our students did a fantastic job presenting their science projects this year at the LA County Science Fair held at the Pasadena Convention Center. We are proud of each student’s dedication and achievement! We look forward to another successful science year!
The Northrop Grumman Foundation brings Great Minds in STEM to South Gate!

The Northrop Grumman Foundation brings Great Minds in STEM to South Gate! Great Minds in STEM inspired 8th Grade students, parents and teachers last week through their Viva Technology Program. Viva Technology is designed to educate, empower, and engage students, parents, and teachers in activities that stimulate interest in the applications of technology and open doors to academic achievement in STEM subjects. The Three –Part Program consisted of a Full Student Day program where 120 students were invited for an on-campus field trip to participate in engaging hands-on competitions, a two hours interactive informational session for parents, and an hour and a half teacher presentation that was filled with useful STEM resources for our science classes.
Northrop Grumman V.P., Northrop Grumman Engineers, South Gate Jr. High School Alumnus, Edison Company Representatives, and College Students gathered on Friday 4/28/14 to excite our students about pursuing an education in the STEM field. Student designed, created, and tested their projects, had an opportunity to engage with college students, heard motivational speeches, celebrated their work and effort with great raffled prizes and left with an amazing learning experience!
We were honored to host Viva Technology Day and look forward to having it again next year!
Open House - Magnet Science Extravaganza

Open House - Magnet Science Extravaganza 6th Grade Magnet students proudly tested their Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV)-Robotics Project at this years Open House! Parents and students cheered with excitement as they watched students ROV's in competition.

This semester students had the opportunity to learn about robotics, engineering, science, and mathematics (STEM) while building an underwater ROV. Students studied engineering concepts, problem solving, and technical applications. After weeks of hard work, students tested their vehicles, deployed them and competed at our annual Open House event.

Thank you to Ms. Alvizo, Ms. Garcia-Perez, Ms. Walker, Ms. Vizcaino, Navy City Outreach Keilli M. Ferenandez & the Sea Perch Program for preparing the Next Generation of Engineers!
The Los Angeles Times comes to South Gate Middle School
SGMS students are learning and caring for abalones in our 7th grade Life Science class.

For the full news article, please click on the link.
Young Scientist Symposium 2014

Young Scientist Symposium 2014 Cabrillo Marine Aquarium hosted the seventh annual Young Scientists Symposium to celebrate student learning and science projects. Our 7th and 8th grade Magnet students successfully participated in the event this month. Participation in the event involved hands-on research experience; where students put into practice the scientific method and their communication skills to design and carryout a full science research project.

We are proud of the effort and success of our students and the support of our teachers and parents.
What is a tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron, icosahedron? Answer: A polyhedron

What is a tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron, icosahedron? Answer: A polyhedron A polyhedron is a solid with flat faces (from Greek poly-meaning "many" and -edron meaning "faces".
Students in Ms. Chau's 8th Grade Geometry Magnet class used their geometry skills to creatively design a Polyhedra-a three dimensional art figure.
Awesome job in connecting Art with Geometry skills! View students projects in room 208!
LA County Science Fair..Here comes our South Gate Middle School Magnet Students!
Congratulation to the following Magnet students: Luis H., Diana S., Alondra R., Jesse L., Marco H., & Miguel A., Jessica D., Jennifer L., Daphne R., Yasmeen S. Robert P., Ricardo B. & Carolina S.
Students were selected from our South Gate Middle School Science Fair to compete in the 2014 L.A.County Fair held at the Pasadena Convention Center. We wish them lots of luck! GO SCIENCE!

Ms. Llamas, Mr. Romero, Ms. Walker & Ms. Alvizo.. thank you for preparing the Next Generation of Scientist!

Opening day bulletin - Spring 2014
Information regarding the opening day for the Spring 2014 semester is included in the attached bulletin.
Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! Happy Holidays on behalf of our school PTA.
Holiday Shopping 2013 Helps SGMS-Magnet Program!

Holiday Shopping 2013 Helps SGMS-Magnet Program! Save your holiday shopping receipts from Stonewood, Cerritos, and Lakewood Mall for a chance to earn a share of $50,000! Parents and teachers may log shopping receipts at Mall Guest Services to earn Double Points. Our school earns 5 points for each dollar spent. Shopping receipts may also be turned into the Magnet Office, room 105.
6th Grade Magnet Video-Conference

6th Grade Magnet Video-Conference 6th grade magnet students participated in a video-conference with the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles where students listened to a real-life Holocaust survivor express her painful journey as a Jewish girl growing up in Nazi-ruled Poland. Gloria Ungar recounted the moments of suffering and terror as her family tried to hide and escape the injustices that swept across Europe during 1939-1945. At age 14 she was stripped of her rights because of her religion and ordered to work in concentration camps. She lost all her family members except one brother who after WWII moved to Sweden with her to start a new life. Later they came to the United States and here they worked, went to school and established their lives. After the lecture, students had a chance to ask Gloria questions about her experiences during the Holocaust.
Scholastic Book Fair!
South Gate Middle School will be having a book fair in the school library.
Check it out! 9/09/13-12/13/13
A Community Series: Health Care Reform & You/ Una Serie Comunitaria: La Ley De Cuidado de Salud y Usted

A Community Series: Health Care Reform & You/ Una Serie Comunitaria: La Ley De Cuidado de Salud y Usted Saturday, November 16, 2013
9:30am - 1pm
Program, Community Resource Fair & Health Insurance Enrollment
Lynwood Senior Citizen Center
11329 Ernestine Ave., Lynwood, Ca 90262 (free parking)
Fear Factor Challenge!

Fear Factor Challenge! South Gate Middle School Leadership organized the Fear Factor Challenge to kick-off our Fall Viking activities!

Students were challenged to retrieve buried gummy worms in a whipped cream pie without using their hands! The contest was messy but fun for everyone! Contest winners received great school prizes.
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